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5 Unusual Christmas Facts You Will Find Interesting

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Christmas has a long and complicated history that can be interpreted differently. Besides all traditions and customs passed from generation to generation, there are lots of amusing facts about this holiday. Here are a few.

Czech Traditions

There seem to be a lot of interesting traditions in the Czech Republic. The Czechs believe that it is bad luck to have a Christmas dinner with an uneven number of guests. When they can’t make the number even, they put an additional plate on the table. It’s also believed that no one should eat with their back facing the door, and the dinner should be finished by everyone at the same time.

Christmas History in Chocolate Coins

Chocolate coins, which are one of Christmas symbols, actually have a long history. It goes back in time to the 4th century and the deeds of Saint Nicholas who helped the poor by giving them golden coins. So, these chocolate sweets we always struggle to open actually symbolize charity and good will.

Be Careful with That Mistletoe

By “be careful,” we don’t mean don’t kiss under it. By all means, give your loved ones a big smooch. However, keep this plant away from your pets. The berries that often hang from a mistletoe branch can be deadly for cats and dogs. It doesn’t mean they are safe for humans – they can cause poisoning and hallucinations when consumed.

The Most Dangerous Holiday

It might come as a surprise, but only in the UK more than 80.000 people end up at the hospital due to Christmas-related accidents. When you think about it, the statistics does make sense with alcohol and hustle contributing to many disasters. Stabbing someone with scissors, falling while fixing lights or cutting yourself with a broken bauble are only some of misfortunes that can happen while preparing for Christmas.

13 Icelandic Santas

On hearing that Icelandic children are visited by 13 Santas instead of one, many kids will get jealous. However, they might be not that lucky because these folklore figures come across quite disturbing. Each Yule Lad is famous for some mischief varying from stealing milk to harassing sheep. Yet, they bring presents, so the duty we all care about is done.

Christmas is full of different popular activities that bring in festivity in our daily life. We hope this article gave you a deeper insight into some aspects of this marvelous holiday.

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