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5 Reasons To Keep Fit In Winter

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Is it just me who feels as a chubby kid when winter ends? Why does the cliché “lose weight before summer” exist? After a little research, I have made two conclusions: we know nothing about exercising in winter; the level of our laziness constantly mounts in winter. It’s time to erase stereotypes! Let’s rouse up our snuggling energy and seize a great habit to work out in winter no matter what.

Beneficial things to do in winter

1. Exercise outside
Yes, I know how awful it sounds. However, it’s proved that this extra hassle benefits your health. Also, fresh air improves your mood, and winter exertion burns more calories. That is true because your body uses more energy to keep warm, and your heart works harder. There are different ways to stay active in winter, like walking, jogging, playing sports games outside. Just go for it!

2. Go for a walk
Leave your car and let your body soak up that minimum of sunlight we get in winter. Usually, cold season means you coop up inside a warm house. So you inhale fresh air only during quick sprints from the door to the car when you need to go somewhere. Just imagine how deprived of the vitamin D and serotonin you are, not to mention the lack of endorphin produced from moving. And then we complain about winter blues, ha?

3. Stave off viruses
Winter flu affects you more from the inside rather than outside (the more people there are in the room, the more infections they are). Getting outside improves your chances not to get sick and to strengthen your immune system.

4. Get better sleep
Cold and gloomy weather transforms you into slowpoke who thinks only about sleeping. There is a way to beat this beast by a regular exercise. The scheme is quite simple: spent some time actively moving – get better sleep at night – have a buzz mood in the morning.

5. Improve winter fitness
Nature creates the conducive conditions to complicate your exercises. Soft snow and ice on sidewalks make your simple walk challenging. That is good because you can train your balance, motor skills, and muscles. Besides, it is far more fun!
Stay active in winter. Do not let winter blues conquer the season!

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