10 Essay Writing Techniques

March 18, 2016 in Personal life
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Essays are assigned to students of all disciplines, majors and academic levels with an aim of assessment student’s critical thinking, knowledge and analytical skills. Composing an excellent essay requires that one uses a number of essay writing techniques. Each essay technique should be applied consecutively. As a result, you will end up with the superior paper!

1. Analysis of the topic (question, theme).

You have to look at your topic and search for underlying ideas. If you are assigned the topic ”The reasons of the World War II”, no one expects you to list the reasons. You have to show the deep understanding of the topic, analyze the inter-relation of the reasons, think of “what if” questions and dig behind the scenes. Further, you can analyze the theoretical concepts that contributed to the development of your issue. Such analysis of the topic will help you to invent some useful ideas for your essay.

2. Perform the literature search

The analysis of sources is among the most important essay writing techniques. First, it is significant to concentrate on the key authors in the field, prepare your textbooks and relevant literature offered by your instructor. When you are familiar with the basis, you can move forward to reviewing articles, journals, blogs, research databases and any information that may be useful for your research.

3. Read the sources

You do not need to read all books and materials word-by-word. It is usually enough to look for the key ideas, author’s arguments and explanations, concentrate on relevant conclusions. When you read, it is useful to make the notes that will be used further in your writing.

4. Construct an effective argument

Try to express your argument in one clear sentence. This will be your thesis statement. Then, think of the evidence you can use to support your argument. Also, you have to think of the structure. You may compare and contrast some points, you may list the ideas according to strength of support, you may provide several authoritative thoughts or analyze the case. The key issues that you identify will comprise the structure of your argument.

5. Construct an outline based on your argument evidence

One of the key essay writing techniquesis constructing an outline – the “bare bones” of your essay. An outline will contain the key ideas, ordered according to the chosen argument structure. Each of the evidences will represent the topic sentence of separate paragraph. This is the filling of you essay. The most important part of the paper –  the analytical part.

6. Compose the first draft of your essay

Here, you need to fill the paragraphs with the information found in books, various sources and your own ideas. Besides, you need to start your essay with interesting introduction and end it with an effective conclusion.

7. Focus on specialized reading

While you have been writing the first draft, you definitely have identified the areas that need additional research. It is a time to do it!

8. Enjoy the break!

You have done a good job! Now, you need to give some break to your mind. You may think we are joking. But, in fact, short break is an effective essay technique that will help recuperating and perceiving your task with additional aspiration.

9. Revise your paper and write the second draft.

After the break, you definitely will look at your essay from the new perspective. You will be more fresh and critical. Identify the weak points. Try to be honest and demanding. You may even want to share your piece of writing with friends or colleagues for their feedback and comments.

10. Edit and proofread your paper

This is the last, but not the least technique. Incorporate the comments and revision blocks. Make sure everything is sound and clear. Correct the grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes, get rid of plagiarism, format according to the specified citation style.

Now, you essay is ready! By using our essay writing techniques you will deliver the top-rated material and receive the desired grade!



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